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Come to Specialist Medical Imaging for Pregnancy Scans 

Pregnancy scans are critical to ensure that you and your baby remain happy and healthy throughout your pregnancy. Our team of qualified professionals can provide you with a comprehensive view of your little one as each week passes. 

Related Services We Provide to Morphology Scans 

We offer our patients more than just options for an obstetric ultrasound. 

  • Vascular ultrasound: If your doctor suspects that your circulation system is not up to par, he or she may order a vascular ultrasound. A vascular ultrasound allows your physician to take a closer look at the inner workings of the arteries and blood vessels around your body. This procedure is non-invasive and does not require any special dye—instead, the ultrasound uses soundwaves to determine whether your vessels are healthy. 

  • Spinal injections: Spinal injections can go a long way toward helping you cope with debilitating back pain. If you need a spinal injection, you must consult a facility that can provide it to you in a safe and sterile environment. Our team is well-trained in this procedure. 

Benefits of a Pregnancy Ultrasound 

There are many advantages to engaging in regular dating scans throughout your pregnancy. A few reasons why we believe this service is critical: 

  • It tracks the growth of your baby. Is there anything better than watching your baby grow and develop? Coming in for a regular ultrasound allows your doctor to ensure that your little one is growing according to schedule. If our technician notices something awry in your ultrasound, we immediately notify your doctor so that you can get help exploring the issue right away. 

  • It gives you peace of mind. One of the biggest concerns among new mothers is not knowing whether there is something wrong during the pregnancy. Routine ultrasounds not only provide valuable information to your doctor but also give you the chance to see your baby in real-time. During your scan, you will clearly see your baby’s development. As the weeks go by, you will notice certain features of the baby’s body take shape and become more defined. Ultrasounds provide you with peace of mind and reassurance that everything is progressing normally. 

  • It is non-invasive and not harmful. Any woman will tell you that at a certain point in her pregnancy, she is incredibly uncomfortable. When you need an ultrasound, you don’t need to worry about feeling any additional discomfort. You will lay on your back during the ultrasound while one of our technicians gently glides a monitor around your belly without any pain. You will get to enjoy watching your little bounce around on the screen. ​

About Specialist Medical Imaging 

The professionals at Specialist Medical Imaging provide you with easy access to the appointments that you need to maintain your health. Whether you need a pregnancy ultrasound or a CT scan to screen for a disease, our trained team is here to assist. We provide you with a state-of-the-art facility that is home to up-to-date medical imaging machinery. 
Do you have questions about our process? We are happy to supply you with the answers. Reach out to us today to ask your pressing questions or schedule an appointment at our sonography clinic. 

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