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Trust Us for a Comprehensive CT Scan in Parramatta

When you need a CT scan in Parramatta, schedule an appointment with the professionals at Specialist Medical Imaging. Our CT scans help doctors throughout the area diagnose and treat patients. 

Prepare for Your Visit to Specialist Medical Imaging

As you are getting ready for your CT scan in Blacktown, there are several things that you should do.

  • Ask about eating: Remember that specific CT scans require you to cease eating and drinking for several hours before your scan. When you schedule your appointment, be sure to ask a member of our team if you can consume any food or liquid beforehand. 

  • Avoid wearing jewellery on the day of your appointment: Many patients don’t realise that they cannot wear jewellery or metal objects during their scan. A good rule of thumb is not to wear metal of any kind to your appointment. This precaution will help your appointment to move forward smoothly because you will not have to waste any time removing these items. 

  • Timing: The length of your scan will depend on whether you require oral contrast. In certain parts of your body, including your stomach, the best way to get a clear picture is by intravenously injecting a contrast that makes this area easier to see. If you require oral contrast, your scan can take up to a half-hour. A scan without this dye usually takes only a few minutes. 

Little-Known Facts about a CT Scan in Blacktown

If you are going for a CT scan for the first time, you may feel apprehensive regarding the procedure. Here are some interesting facts about what you can expect during a CT scan.

  • An enhanced X-ray: A CT scan is similar to an X-ray but more advanced. This scan provides doctors with a detailed image of a certain part of your body. CT scans can help your physician to identify issues revolving around bone or joint problems and address potential concerns related to a cancer diagnosis. 

  • The wait time: Due to the detail that a CT scan picture provides, it can take one to two weeks before you receive your results. Although this wait may seem frustrating, we promise you that as soon as your results are in, we provide them to your doctor. 

  • Noises: When you are in the CT scan tube, you will hear noises around you. These sounds are a result of the machine working to take pictures around the area of concern. Our technician will provide you with direction if you need to turn a certain way for a picture, but the entire process is painless. 

About Specialist Medical Imaging

With more than 30 years of experience performing a CT scan in Parramatta, our team strives to provide you with nothing but the best patient experience possible.  We create a relaxing environment to help remove any apprehension that you might have before your imaging appointment. 
To schedule your appointment or find out more about our practise, use our contact page. 

Specialist Medical Imaging

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