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Radiology Clinic Serving You From Three Convenient Branche

Specialist Medical Imaging has been proudly screening the Parramatta area for 30 years with our Radiology Clinic located on Grose Street. We pride ourselves in serving the community with a professional screening service since we noticed a great need for medical imaging and expanded our service to a clinic in Toongabbie and Westfield.

When Should You Look for a Radiology Clinic?

If you have never needed to go for a screening, you might not know what services we offer or when it is time to go for a screening:

  • Heart or blood problems. We have state of the art equipment to check your whole body for any concerns, including angiograms of the heart, arteries and lymph vessels. We use only the best equipment to provide you with the best imaging read by a specialist in the field.

  • Biopsies. When doctors find that an area looks abnormal in that there might be a lump, lesion or abnormal tissue, they will send you for a biopsy. We want to put you in the least amount of discomfort, and we do so with the help of an image-guided biopsy. This technology allows specialists to see exactly which part of the tissue is best to sample. With the help of ultrasound or CT imaging, a needle will be placed into the affected area, and a tissue sample will be safely removed.

  • Injections. Spinal or joint injections are a simple process by which we diagnose the location of pain or inject steroids or pain medication directly into the problem area. This pain relief method will usually form part of a comprehensive treatment programme.

Tips for Planning Your Visit to Our Radiology Clinic

When you are looking for an all-in-one radiology clinic in Parramatta or Blacktown, we make screening easy for you. Be sure to keep the following in mind when visiting Specialist Medical Imaging:

  • Immediate appointments. A health scare is a stressful time in life, and we want to have you home and healthy as soon as possible. We have urgent appointments available to speed up the process of your screening so you can be diagnosed and treated in no time.

  • Bring a doctor’s letter. Be sure to bring your doctor’s referral letter and requirements with you. We offer x-rays, high-definition CT scans, ultrasounds, image-guided biopsies, dental/OPG, DEXA, injections and interventional radiology and oncology. Your screening will fall under one of those overarching categories, depending on what kind of injury you have.

  • Sub-specialty scanning methods. We use only the best screening technology from GE, Siemens, Carestream and Samsung, used by radiologists who each is a sub-specialty expert to ensure the fastest, most accurate diagnosis for patients, which means a quick, efficient process for you as the patient.

About Specialist Medical Imaging

As part of our customer service, we expanded to three locations as well as the Macquarie University Hospital. We believe that keeping up with technology and the latest methods gives our patients the fastest diagnosis and best professional care. For more details about our services, contact us for assistance or phone us for an immediate appointment.

Specialist Medical Imaging

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